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"Build something 100 people love, not something 1 million people kind of like." - Brian Chesky

“Master the topic, the message, and the delivery.” - Steve Jobs

Who Are Life of Marketing?

Our Passion Is To Be The Bridge For Companies To Enter a Digital Environment With Ease and Confidence

Plenty of Experience

My name is Ryan Nevin and I run Life of Marketing. My journey began when I started my own film blog. I taught myself every aspect required to make a website successful, from SEO to Social. The hard work paid off and I was able to grow a well-respected blog that not only brought in a considerable amount of traffic, but also returning readers. 

I went on to develop my skills by pursuing Digital Marketing full-time at one of Europe’s biggest photo printing companies. Starting as a Marketing Exec, I was quickly promoted into the search department as a specialist.


My career went from strength to strength as I was offered the opportunity to manage my own search department at one of the biggest kitchen and furniture fittings companies in the world.

During COVID many independent businesses were thrust into a new digital environment in order to survive. I am passionate about my job and helping people, both professionally and personally. As such, many businesses’ approached me asking for my help in finding their feet in an unknown online territory. Through word of mouth and recommendations, more and more businesses were getting in touch. Thus creating – Life of Marketing. 

?Who Can We Help

With a wide range of skills available, Life of Marketing are able to help all types of clients. From hair salons to workspace designers, we have helped many companies achieve their goals via digital means, such as PPC or SEO. So not matter what industry you are in, as long as you have a the passion to move your company in to a digital environment, we can help. 

?Why Choose Life of Marketing

Life of Marketing was built off of a passion to help. With so many companies wanting to take the plunge into a digital environment, but not having the skills to do so, I was inspired to share mine. 

There is nothing that makes me happier than seeing a company succeed and to have been a key part in that is so rewarding. This is why I don’t clock watch or bill for extra work. Your journey is our journey.

Our Services

With our end-to-end digital support, no matter where you are at on your digital journey, we can help. 

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